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History of the medicine
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History of the medicine

The company "Vetpharmi Ltd" for several years produces veterinary drug the Helminticide (Arsenic Acid Zinc), which has been used successfully as an anthelmintic remedy for the treatment and prevention of domestic animals.

The production of the drug concerns with the development of the production of arsenic containing drugs on the base of the Uravi Mining and Chemical Plant in the Racha region of Georgia.

For development, quality improvement and introduction of drug has been spent about 1 million Soviet rubles, which corresponds to 1.6 million US dollars according to the exchange rate at that time.

In the 80-ies of the 20th century the company produced 60 tons of the drug, which was intended for the domestic market of the Soviet Union (the complete request exceeded 110 tons).

After the collapse of the Soviet Union due to the economic crisis, production of drug has stopped.

Since 2009 the company "Vetpharmi Ltd" which owns the termless patent and exclusive rights of the drug Helminticide (Arsenic Acid Zinc) restarted the production on the basis of the Tbilisi pharmaceutical plant.
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