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History of the medicine
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International Specialized Exhibition ''Belagro-2017''

    The International specialized agro-exhibition "Belagro-2017" was held in the capital of the Belarus Republic Minsk on June 6-10. The advanced directions of modern agroindustrial complex development were presented at the exhibition.     On the exhibition as an official guest was invited the delegation of Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia. The representatives of the “Vetfarmi Ltd” - Leila Grdzelidze, Deputy Director, Department of Science and Technology, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Сhemical Technologist and Tengiz Kurashvili - Veterinarian, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, took part in the Georgian delegation. They had a fruitful meetings with the employees of companies producing veterinary drugs.

The International Trade-Show. Ashgabat 2017

     Ander the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan the International trade-show was held in April 26-30 2017 in the capital of Turkmenistan – Ashgabat. The agricultural productions and veterinary drugs were represented on the trade-show.    By the official invitation from the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkmenistan the Deputy Director for Production of the “Vetpharmi Ltd”  Mamuka Kipiani  took part of the trade-show. The veterinary drug “Arsenic acid zinc” produced by “Vetpharmi Ltd” deserved a great interest among the official and unofficial guests of the trade-show.    Mamuka Kipiani held official meetings with the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkmenistan, with the official representatives of Kazakhstan. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. Also should be noted the fruitful meeting with the Ambassador of Georgia in Turkmenistan - Mr. Giorgi Karanashvili.

Cooperation with Tbilisi City Hall

The working meeting was held between “Vetpharmi Ltd” and the LPPL "The Animal Monitoring Agency" of Tbilisi City Hall on March 4, 2017. The main topic of the meeting was the evaluation of the prospect of using the anthelmintic preparation – Arsenic Acidic Zinc, manufactured by “Vetpharmi Ltd” for treating and preventing of diseases among stray animals. The Deputy Director A. Kodua and other staff of Agency took part in the meeting. The parties defined the principles for the implementation of which the joint work will give a significant result both in terms of improving the sanitary and epidemiological condition of the city and in connection with the civilized attitude towards the animals. The Agreement on further cooperation for developing of specific issues and preparing the Project for future cooperation was reached.

The Contract between the Ltd “Vetpharmi” (Georgia) and Ltd Scientific-Production Association “Innovative Sell Technologies” (Russian Federation)

In 30 January of 2017 in Tbilisi was held a meeting and was signed the contract between the Ltd “Vetpharmi” (Georgia) and Ltd Scientific-Production Association “Innovative Sell Technologies” (Russian Federation). The meeting was attended by: General Director of the Ltd Scientific-Production Association “Innovative Sell Technologies” A. Kurbatov; Deputy General Director for the development of regenerative medicine, Honored Doctor of Russia, Doctor of medical Sciences V.Tichinin; Deputy Head of the Cell Cultures Laboratory, Doctor of the highest category, Doctor of medical Sciences G.Emelianova. Director of the Veterinary Medicine Clinic of the Tbilisi Agricultural University, Doctor of medical Sciences T.Kurashvili.


The consultative meeting held between the Ltd “Vetpharmi” and Ltd “Inovative Cell Technologies” (Russian Federation). Parties came to agreement on mutual development of scientific-technological projects. It is planned the development, testing and launching  of  high-technological, based on the stem cell, medical and preventive drug for a wide variety of pets. Ending of works is scheduled at the beginning of the 2018.
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